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In this section you can find high-resolution photos illustrating articles about the humanitarian Project Bits of Future: Food for All.

Arte Quantica at La Triennale di Milano
Milano 9-10.7.2015
Technical demonstration – Hyst: solutions for agriculture and energy, a bridge between Sicily and the Mediterranean Region
Balerna (Switzerland) 13.2.2015
Hyst: a bridge between Sicily and the Mediterranean Region, solutions for agriculture and energy
Calatabiano (Catania) 29.1.2015
Africa supports the HYST for the World
Rome 12.10.2014
Visit of the Minister of Agriculture of Burkina Faso
Balerna (Switzerland) 4.10.2014
Flour Festival – Association Volontari Capitano Ultimo Onlus
Rome 21.9.2014
Scienza per Amore at Second Africa Dry Lands Week
N’Djamena (Chad) 25-29.8.2014
Bits of Future: Food for All – Hypercritical Separation Technology for Food and Energy Security
Mendrisio (Switzerland) 28.6.2014
African Ambassadors Meeting
Rome 4.7.2013
Hyst Technology: Green Technology, Nutrition and International Cooperation
Rome 19.4.2013
Bits of Future: Food for All at the Senate Of Italian Republic
Rome 29.11.2012
Tuscia University – CeFAS
Viterbo 24.5.2012
International Book Fair of Turin 2012 – Salone Off
Turin 12.5.2012
Meeting CNR
Hyst Technology: Food and Sustainable Energy from Biomass
Roma 23.2.2012
Summilk 2011
IDF World Dairy Summit 2011
Parma 18.10.2011
Forever Young Energy
Rome 16.9.2011
Philanthropy: an obstacle race challenge
Rome 23.5.2011
Bits of Future: food for all
Hyst technology demonstration
Chignolo Po 16.3.2011
Bits of Future: food for all
Presentation of the Humanitarian Project
Rome 2.3.2011
Demonstration of Hyst for the Senegalese Delegation
Comacchio 7.5.2010
HYST machine