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Great Green Wall in Cameroon – May 23/26, 2017

The African Union (Rural Economy and Agriculture Commission) invited Scienza per Amore to participate in the Great Green Wall Initiative inaugural event in Cameroon (Atelier pour le Lancement de l’Initiative de la Grande Muraille Verte au Cameroun), which took place in Yaoundé on May 23-26, 2017.

During the opening day – dedicated to institutional entities’ presentations, such as FAO, AU, NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development, The technical body of the African Union), and the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development – Barbara Carrubba (Scienza per Amore) presented Danilo Speranza’s Bits of Future: Food for All, including discussing how it could be implemented in conjunction with the AU and NEPAD.
The following day was dedicated to learning technical specifications in detail. Pier Paolo Dell’Omo (Scienza per Amore) gave a presentation on the main characteristics of the HYST, the strategies to put the project started with the ISRA (Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles) and the Rural community of M’Bodienne (Senegal) into action, and the expected results.

A working group met on the final day to prepare various proposals on how to transport and integrate these technologies within the GGWI (Great Green Wall Initiative) implementation in Cameroon.
The group proposed the HYST as a technical tool to be used for combating hunger and poverty, and as an answer to the lack of energy. The Association’s representatives held private meetings with the Minister of the Environment H.E. Hele Pierre and with the Prime Minister H.E. Philémon Yang to define how to implement Bits of Future in Cameroon. AU Agriculture Commission and NEPAD representatives also participated in these meetings.

On the Cameroon Vision4 TV report, Barbara Carrubba from Scienza per Amore was interviewed about the project Bits of Future: Food for All.