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Hyst Technology: New prospects for usage of agricultural resources – Viterbo – May 24, 2012

tuscia_cefasThe conference “Hypercritical Separation Technology: new prospects for usage of agricultural resources” took place on May 24, 2012. The event was organized by the University of Tuscia and the association Scienza per Amore, in collaboration with BioHyst.

The event was hosted by CeFAS (Special Training and Development Agency of the Viterbo Chamber of Commerce). It was a moment of dialogue between researchers, socioeconomic realities and industry, during which the HYST biomass treatment system was presented. This innovative technology is an alternative to common systems (which process materials chemically and thermo-chemically) because it entirely based on mechanical processes. It has extremely low production costs and zero environmental impact.

The conference also set the stage for the presentation of Bits of Future: Food for All, an initiative of the association Scienza per Amore. Pilot projects for Senegal and the Horn of Africa were developed within the initiative. These projects are based on the use of cereal straw (largely diffused in those areas) and are aimed at meeting three different necessities: provide food, achieve energy and water self-sufficiency1 (also in areas without infrastructures) and test local biomass in collaboration with national and international research institutes.

Some of the speakers:

  • Dr. Stefano Gasbarra, CeFAS Director;
  • Eng. Danilo Monarca, Professor of the Tuscia University, Vice-president Of the Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering (AIIA) and promoter of the Research and Diffusion Renewable Energy Interdepartmental Center (CIRDER), in collaboration with Prof. Carlini;
  • Eng. Maurizio Carlini, Professor of the Tuscia University.