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Hyst Technology: Food and Sustainable Energy from Biomass – CNR – Rome – February 23, 2012

evento_cnrOn February 23, 2012, the headquarters of the National Research Council (CNR) in Montelibretti (Rome) hosted the conference “The HYST: food and sustainable energy from biomass” organized by CNR’s Research Area RM1, and the Scienza per Amore association in collaboration with BioHyst.

The conference featured a presentation the HYST applications in the fields of sustainable energy, human and animal nutrition. The project Bits of Future: Food for All was also introduced. The project is aimed at promoting the optimal use of developing countries’ resources through the HYST.

The results demonstrated how the HYST pretreatment allows an optimal energy utilization of cereal straws, which results in a higher methane production, compared to corn silage (considered as the energy crop of reference).
In the field of animal feed, selected typical feed ingredients (bran and cereal straws) became more digestible and nutritious after being processed through the HYST.
As far as human food is concerned, the HYST is capable of extracting highly nutritious products from milling industry byproducts (currently considered “waste”).

The meeting was attended by representatives of various political and scientific institutions, such as:

  • Dr. Francesco Alicicco, Honorary Consul of Rwanda;
  • Eng. Frédérick Martin, Representative of the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy;
  • Eng. Franco Del Manso of Unione Petrolifera;
  • Dr. Guido Capotorti of ENI;
  • Dr. Barbara De Santis of Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italy’s National Institute of Health);
  • Dr. Antonio Catania, Mayor of Montelibretti (Rome);
  • Numerous CNR researchers.