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Demonstrations of Hyst technology – April/May 2010


In 2010, three meetings took place at a local farm in Comacchio (FE) to present the HYST to diplomatic representatives of Senegal and ENEA.

On April 16th, after a technical demonstration where bedding straw (corn stalks) was processed, Dr. Christian Assogba, Economics Adviser at the Embassy of Senegal in Italy, defined the technology “a revolution for the environment and for nutrition”

Dr. Assogba’s visit made it possible to replicate the demonstration on May 7th, 2010 for H.E. Moustapha Ndiaye, Special Adviser to the President of Senegal H.E. Abdoulaye Wade.
Moustapha Ndiaye emphasized the interest of their Government in the Technology. He stated that it is “a great opportunity for Senegal and other African countries”, and that “it can be an added value in agriculture, which is very important for the African economy today. It can also contribute to the development of other sectors such as farming and clean energy production. In Senegal the next step might be the starting of a pilot project to use the Technology with local products.”

On May 31st, a third on-site demonstration was held to present the technology to ENEA. Dr. Vito Pignatelli, Coordinator of Biomass and Bioenergy Technologies at ENEA, was able to verify the effectiveness of the machines to produce second-generation ethanol. To the representatives of BioHyst, Dr. Pignatelli also reiterated that such results will eventually lead to the development of an industry which produces fuel from lignocellulosic biomass.