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Fest-HYST – HYST flours day 2017 – December 17, 2017

The Bits of Future: Food for All project for Africa start in Senegal was celebrated by Scienza per Amore on December 17th, 2017 with a grand event and lunch based on HYST flour products.
The Tenuta della Mistica, base of the Associazione Volontari Capitano Ultimo Onlus, was chosen to host the event. Captain Ultimo, founder and president of the Onlus, honored the event with a welcome speech: “I thank you and we applaud you, for you have fought for many years and still are. Also you have met discrimination, prejudice and envy, but you strode on. It brings you honor, to you and your president. […] Thank you for all you do. […] Let’s stay close and bring some hope”.

Francesca Luciani, Researcher at the Istituto Superiore Sanità (Health Institute), spoke during the short opening ceremony talking about the HYST flour’s special properties: “processing wheat with the HYST system it is possible to produce a flour containing, for example, vitamin of the B group, magnesium and zinc, which would otherwise be trapped within the bran. […] For example, 100 gr of. HYST flour contain the recommended daily dose of vitamin B3 and more than 60% of B1, acknowledged by the European Foos Safety Authority as extremely important for brain development in children.”

After Doctor Luciani, Scienza per Amore’s President, Pier Paolo Dell’Omo, took the floor: “The products we are tasting today are the result of The Association Scienza per Amore’s work. Many years ago we committed to work on a project proposed by Danilo Speranza. Such project aims to provide developing countries with technological solutions for free, to combat malnutrition, using local resources”. Dell’Omo also said: “Scienza per Amore, the AU Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture, and the Senegalese Agricultural Research Institute signed an agreement to build a facility in Bambey, approximately 100 km east of Dakar. The facility will host a HYST system to be used to process local cereal products”.

Luca Urdich of BioHyst talked about the groundbreaking technical characteristics of the technology: What today is only waste and represent a cost, can become a precious resource through the HYST process. The long research and experimentation led to 15 patents worldwide. The most recent patent is about renewable energies, […] it allows the HYST systems to be commercialized to produce second generation biofuel, without the need to use food crops”.

Scienza per Amore promoter Danilo Speranza, who also conceived Bits of Future: Food for All was the last to take the floor: “In this country, our association is currently in a media blackout, but we are citizens of Earth. We will remain silent. Our silence should teach something to those who cannot be silent and only day false and despicable things. This made us stronger, every obstacle helps you. Our enemies should work harder though, because with their opposition, violence and abuse haven’t made us strong enough. Therefore I invite them to be more ruthless. Thank you”.