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After many years of work, the association Scienza per Amore can finally put the humanitarian project Bits of Future: Food for All into action.
The project aims to bring the Hypercritical Separation Technology (HYST) to Africa. The HYST is an innovative technology which processes agricultural biomass, waste biomass included, to produce food and energy.
Today the HYST has landed in Africa, after a long testing period carried out in Balerna (Ticino Canton, Switzerland) because of the obstacles found in Italy. The first country to use the technology will be Senegal. The agreement with Senegal was possible also thanks to the collaborative relationship between Scienza per Amore and the African Union, the latter has chosen Scienza per Amore as an important partner in the fight against hunger and desertification. For this reason Danilo Speranza’s Bits of Future: Food for All is a cornerstone of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and Sahel Initiative, promoted by the AU itself.


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