BioHystScienza per Amore


impianto_01.jpgHyst (Hypercritical Separation Technology) is a new technology for treating any type of plant material, including agricultural waste, which is not used or not conveniently exploited.

How it works

The material to be processed is introduced into the Hyst system after it is dried – if necessary – and coarsely fragmented. The fragments thus obtained are carried at high speed by powerful air flows which cause them to collide. In this way the material is broken down and those parts which are not usable for food purposes are separated from the nutrients, which keep intact their nutritional properties (vitamins, minerals, etc.). After processing, due to the different behavior of the molecules in the air flow, different products (fractions) are obtained; edible fractions are separated from those that are not edible, and the latter can be used for example to produce energy. The whole process lasts from 6 to 10 seconds, it involves very low energy consumption and does not pollute.

Products obtained

With this system – using bran from cereal grains, straw, pruning and other common agricultural residues that the traditional food processing industry cannot use – we can obtain food flour (human and animal) rich in vitamins and minerals, basic products for renewable energy and for the pharmaceutical industry.