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IDF World Dairy Summit 2011 – Parma – October 18, 2011

summilk_bh1With the support of FAO, the International Dairy Federation (IDF) organized the IDF World Dairy Summit 2011. Over the course of five IDF/FAO joint conferences held from October 15 to 19, key issues regarding “sustainable food security” were addressed.

During the conference on October 18 – dedicated to Sustainable Animal Feeding – the results of HYST-processed bran and straw were presented, substantiated by a study conducted by the Animal Science Department of the University of Milan.

The study on the HYST was presented to FAO’s scientific community of reference, as suggested by Dr. Harinder Makkar (Animal Production Officer at the headquarters of FAO in Rome, and one of the session’s chairmen) who for some time had shown interest in the development of the studies on the technology, particularly focusing on its role in the humanitarian project Bits of Future: Food for All.

During the presentation, Prof. Luca Malagutti (University of Milan) and Dr. Francesca Luciani (National Institute of Health) highlighted the key role of the HYST within Bits of Future: Food for All. In particular, Dr. Tek B. Thapa – Senior Dairy Advisor at FAO (Darulaman Management Unit, Kabul, Afghanistan) – acknowledged the huge potential of Bits of Future’s integrated projects for the developing countries. He envisioned their introduction in Afghanistan both in regard to animal nutrition and food resources optimization for the population.