BioHystScienza per Amore

HYST Demonstration – Chignolo Po – March 16, 2011


On March 16th, 2011, Scienza per Amore and BioHyst organized a demonstration of the HYST functionalities for African Countries’ Representatives and interested Companies: the HYST is the answer to important issues such as food shortage, renewable energy production and environment safeguard.

The demonstration showed the attendees how important the results illustrated during the official presentation of the humanitarian project “Bits of Future: Food for All” (Rome, March 2nd, 2011) really were.

Representatives of the embassies of Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Somalia and Senegal, representatives of IFAD, and important companies in the field of energy and agriculture.

Two different processes were performed during the demonstration. Soft wheat bran was, processed first, producing an edible flour rich in proteins, vitamins (A, B-complex, E) and minerals, particularly suitable to counteract undernourishment and malnutrition conditions.
A common cereal straw was then processed, giving back a fraction with characteristics similar to high quality hay.

The processing was monitored by a representative from the University of Milan’s Animal Sciences Department, who carried out the analyses and published the results. Samples of the obtained products were made available to whom might have wanted to carry out their own tests.